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Is Jerking Bad For Your Health

by Kristin Beck
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Is Jerking Bad For Your Health

Is Jerking Bad For Your Health

“We hear it all the time – sex is good for you! Masturbation isn’t a bad thing to do either. There are no harmful side effects of masturbation. Medical science has debunked many myths formally associated with masturbation, such as hair growing on the palms, insanity, or that masturbation will drain excessive energy from the body. In fact, there’s nothing at all wrong with jerking off (or wanking) and masturbation can actually help relieve stress.
You don’t have to be married in order to enjoy your sexuality. You should feel comfortable telling your partner what turns you on sexually, so that you can share fantasies together. If you’re not sure how to go about this, then read some erotica magazines; you’ll learn plenty without having to resort to porn sites. Remember that pornography only shows one kind of sexual activity. It doesn’t reflect real life because most women aren’t aroused by being tied up or dominated in the same way that men are. Women like romance and tenderness more than rough stuff. Plus, if a woman gets turned on by seeing another woman penetrated by a phallic object, she may find herself becoming aroused when her man makes love to her – even though he hasn’t put anything inside her. A lot of guys worry that their girlfriends might get pregnant by something they’ve seen online. This rarely happens. Most women who watch porn take precautions against pregnancy including using condoms.
If you want to give your wife an orgasm during intercourse, try doing Kegel exercises while thrusting into her vagina. These strengthen the muscles controlling ejaculation, which means you can last longer during sex. The key muscle group involved here is called the PC muscle, which is located right behind the scrotum. To contract these muscles, squeeze them tightly as you urinate. Try tightening them 10 times and release them slowly after each contraction. Then try doing them while you’re making love to your wife. After several weeks of practice, you’ll notice they become easier. Once you can hold them tighter and control them better, start increasing the number of repetitions until you reach 20 per session. As you build your strength, add other activities that require strong pelvic floor muscles, such as walking and running stairs. If you’re unable to perform kegel exercises properly, ask your doctor about strengthening exercises that work well for you.
The best position for penetration is on top. Although missionary style is popular among heterosexual couples, it often causes back pain. On the other hand, getting down on your wife’s level puts less strain on your spine. When you lie on your stomach, you can also kiss your wife between her legs, helping both of you achieve orgasms simultaneously. Of course, if you prefer oral stimulation for yourself, you can always try giving your wife oral pleasure instead. Licking her clitoris, nipples, or labia intensely stimulates her G-spot. However, you need to keep in mind that your mouth contains bacteria, which could affect your health. Make sure you use a water bottle to cleanse your mouth before and after licking your wife’s genitals.
Masturbation is a great way to relax. But sometimes, we just can’t stop thinking about our sexual desires. That’s where fantasizing comes in. Fantasies are based on things that excite us but usually never seem to happen in reality. They allow us to experience things that would otherwise remain out of reach. By creating a fantasy world, we gain access to feelings and emotions that we normally wouldn’t know existed within ourselves. Through fantasizing, we can learn more about our sexuality and discover new ways to explore our bodies. We can also learn how to communicate our needs with partners.
Fantasies come in different forms. One person might imagine his lover kissing him passionately, while another person might picture himself penetrating his girlfriend. Some people are able to visualize themselves engaging in multiple types of sexual activities. Others prefer to focus on the sensations experienced during masturbation. Whatever your preference, make sure you discuss your fantasies with your partner. Tell him/her what turns you on sexually. Share your deepest secrets with your spouse, whether it’s how you’d like to see your partner dressed, or how you’d like to touch her body. By talking openly about your sexual interests, you can engage in intimate conversations that lead to deeper emotional connections.
Women tend to be more inhibited than men when it comes to discussing sex. Their fear stems from social pressures surrounding male sexuality. Because society deems it unbecoming of women to talk about sex, women avoid sharing their erotic thoughts with anyone else. Men are expected to be uninhibited with their sexuality, whereas women are supposed to be reserved. So, if a guy tells his buddies about his latest conquest, they probably won’t tell his girl. She probably already knows everything about his sexual habits. On the other hand, if a woman talks dirty to her boyfriend in private, he may disclose those words to his friends later. He may even tease her by saying “”What did I tell you?”” Women still face double standards regarding their sexuality. Society expects them to be modestly clothed and demure, yet sexually available.
One of the biggest mistakes people make in bed is trying to please their partner too much. Too much attention can turn a passionate encounter into a routine. Instead of focusing on enjoying the moment, you may spend more time worrying about pleasing someone else rather than yourself. Focus on your own arousal first, and let your partner follow once you’ve reached climax. Take charge of your own pleasure and learn to communicate your wants. Don’t rely solely on your partner to bring you to an orgasm. Learn how to self-stimulate and experiment with different positions. Find your favorite type of foreplay and stay focused on pleasuring yourself. Masturbate regularly and incorporate sensual massage therapy into your daily routines.
When you masturbate, pay close attention to your breath. Notice how fast your heart rate increases when you begin touching yourself? Breathe deeply, holding your breath for three seconds before inhaling again. Repeat this process four to six times in succession. Continue breathing steadily throughout your entire masturbatory session. Slow, steady breaths relax your body and increase blood flow to your brain, releasing tension and anxiety. Deep breathing helps you slow down and focus your concentration.
Arousal is the main ingredient needed to achieve orgasm. When you stimulate your penis, you create nerve endings that send signals through your spinal cord to your brain. Nerve cells interpret these messages as coming from organs like the liver, lungs, kidneys, and intestines. Your brain interprets this information as coming from your genital region. The faster the impulses move, the quicker you’ll reach climax. Stimulating your genitals gradually builds excitement over time.
Anal play is very intense and should be done carefully. If you decide to try anal sex, make sure you’re ready. Anal sex requires a certain degree of flexibility and readiness of the rectum. Use lubricants to ease the discomfort of insertion. Do not force the anus, as pushing hard can cause damage to the sphincter muscles. Also, refrain from douching your rectum beforehand. Doing this can irritate the delicate tissue lining the rectum and anus, causing burning and itching. While there’s no harm in washing your asshole every day, you shouldn’t scrub excessively. Scrubbing should only remove traces of feces. You can apply mild soap to your bottom periodically to maintain the skin’s moisture. Pay special attention to keeping your nether regions dry. Never wear tight pants or underwear during sex, as they can trap moisture and promote bacterial growth.
Orgasm occurs when neurons fire rapidly in the hypothalamus. Orgasm typically lasts around five minutes. During orgasm, your body releases nitric oxide, vasopressin, oxytocin, prolactin, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and prostaglandin F2a. All of these chemicals contribute to relaxation, euphoria, and bonding. The hormones released during orgasm may also trigger menstruation in women.”

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