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Is It Bad To Masterbate Everyday

by Kristin Beck
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Is It Bad To Masterbate Everyday

Is It Bad To Masterbate Everyday

“Masturbation is the most common sexual activity among people in the United States, according to a 2013 study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In that survey, 47 percent of adult men and 32 percent of adult women reported being able to reach orgasm from self-pleasure at least once during their lifetime. Masturbating every day? That’s almost unheard of — but it does happen. And while there are many who claim that this practice may be harmful to your health, others disagree. One such expert claims that frequent masturbation has little effect on male fertility; another maintains that it can help you get better at sex. So whether you’re ready to try it yourself or not, here are some facts about masturbation, as well as what experts say about its benefits.
First off, what exactly is masturbation? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the verb “”masturbate”” means to fondle oneself until one reaches orgasm through self-touch alone. Ejaculation itself isn’t necessary to achieve an orgasm, though it usually happens afterward. But masturbation doesn’t just mean touching your genitals over and over again until climax. There are many ways to masturbate, including visual stimulation like watching pornography, role play, voyeurism, dirty talking, fantasizing and even thinking about someone other than your partner (a technique called mental masturbation). Some people prefer masturbation to sex because it allows them to experience multiple orgasms without having penetrative sex.
So is masturbation good for you? Many experts believe so. Dr. David Busson, professor emeritus of psychology at University College London, told Men’s Health magazine that masturbation provides a natural release of stress hormones which promote relaxation and happiness. He also said that it helps couples maintain intimacy when they don’t have time to cuddle due to work, school or family obligations. Another reason why masturbation is considered healthy is that it promotes safe sex practices. Since it’s done privately, you won’t feel pressured to engage in risky sexual behaviors if you fear getting caught cheating. Plus, since masturbation doesn’t involve penetration, it’s less likely to cause pregnancy complications, STDs or cervical cancer.
But is it bad to masturbate every day? If you’ve ever heard something along those lines, then you know the answer already. No, says San Francisco-based urologist Dr. Robert C. Cohen. “”The bottom line is that there are no known downsides or major side effects to daily masturbation.”” The only potential risk of daily masturbation is if you use poor hygiene, such as using unsanitary lubricants, engaging in high-risk activities like unprotected anal intercourse or sharing sex toys. For instance, if you share a vibrator with a loved one, you risk both contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by doing so. Other possible negative outcomes include urinary tract infection (UTI), UTI symptoms and genital herpes. However, these risks aren’t as serious as those associated with unsafe sex practices.
In fact, there are several studies showing that frequent masturbation can lead to healthier sperm count and increase libido. These findings were presented earlier this year at the annual meeting of the Society of Sexual Medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia. A 2014 study found that men who had sex two to three times per week produced higher levels of testosterone and semen volume compared to those who masturbated daily or weekly. This supports the theory that frequent masturbation can help males produce larger amounts of sperm.
Additionally, frequent masturbation could improve your ability to perform during partnered sex. Research shows that frequent masturbation can make you more sensitive to erotic stimuli and therefore more aroused during partnered sex. Male partners might find themselves more willing to experiment with new positions, touch and techniques simply because they know that they can easily satisfy their female partner through masturbation.
What do experts say about masturbation? On the next page we’ll hear from Dr. Deepika Chopra.
Does Masturbation Cause Cancer?
While there are many opinions out there regarding the dangers of masturbation, the idea that it causes breast cancer seems pretty straightforward — after all, it involves stimulating your breasts with hands. As far back as the 1920s, doctors believed that repeated exposure to estrogen was responsible for causing breast cancer [sources: Dowsett, WebMD]. Although research hasn’t definitively proven this link yet, many still hold onto this belief. Unfortunately, the myth surrounding masturbation and breast cancer has led to women avoiding the pleasurable act altogether, which can actually lower their chances of survival.
One thing that researchers have discovered about breast cancer is that it typically develops slowly. Studies show that women who masturbate regularly tend to live longer than those who don’t touch themselves. Additionally, masturbation prevents the development of a painful condition called vulvar vestibulitis where nerves become inflamed in the area around the vagina. Vulvodynia affects millions of women and can cause intense pain during sex, menstruation, urination and childbirth. Regularly masturbating can relieve pressure in the vaginal canal, reduce inflammation and prevent scar tissue buildup.
As previously mentioned, masturbation shouldn’t pose any danger to your reproductive system. Even if you don’t enjoy having an orgasm, you can safely masturbate throughout your life without worrying about infertility later down the road. Most importantly, masturbation should never replace regular medical checkups. Consult your doctor before trying anything new, especially if you want to conceive, have a history of abnormal pap smears or suspect that you have a problem such as HIV/AIDS.”

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