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Can You Get Cancer In Your Heart

by Laurie Cortes
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Can You Get Cancer In Your Heart

Can You Get Cancer In Your Heart

Medical professionals are learning more about heart cancer, which has never been seen before in the United States. One study found only seven people who had a primary cardiac tumor-a very small number considering it’s estimated almost 200 thousand new cases will be diagnosed this year alone! Mayo Clinic sees on average only one person per year with cancers that start near or involve their hearts; lung ad breast among them being most common causes for these tumors developing where they did at first glance – close to our main organ responsible for pumping blood through all parts

Can You Get Heart Cancer

The risk of getting heart cancer is not limited to any one sex or age group, but it does seem that men are at an increased danger. This may be due in part because they’re more likely than women (and especially children) have rare types like angiosarcoma which causes 9 out 10 primary cancers cases among adults over 30 years old with this condition; radiation exposure has also been shown as playing some role here too – though we don’t know enough yet!
The other major difference between males & females involves latency: once disease begins manifesting itself physically during childhood/adolescence periods there will often times arise collateral damage along side conventional symptoms suchas

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