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Best Throat Numbing Spray For Sore Throat

by Lyndon Langley
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Best Throat Numbing Spray For Sore Throat

How Long Does Throat Numbing Spray Last

This medication is anesthetic that starts to numb the lining of your mouth and throat 15-30 seconds after application. The effects last about 15 minutes, but people with children younger than 2 should not use it because they risk serious side effects like apnea (a pause in breathing) or bradycardia (slowing down rate).

How Much Benzocaine Is Dangerous

One of the most common medications used to treatbites is benzocaine. This OTC product should only be applied as needed and sparingly, because too much can cause pain or discomfort for usersing it more than four times per day – especially children younger than two years old who cannot yet handle strong medicine quite like adults might be able do so without experiencing any side effects from these types drugs .


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