Daniel K. 


I’ve been working out for years and I only saw progress when I tried joining Everyday Paleo. Getting a membership is the best decision I made especially since it gave me access to the fitness modules. Such are really useful because they helped me know more about exercises and workouts I needed. I used to hire personal trainers before but the progress is too slow and it’s most of the time, expensive. Using Everday Paleo’s modules, on the other hand, is much better because you don’t need to pay much for it but get the same benefit as when you have your own trainor. You can even be as flexible as you want in setting your goals because you’re the one in charge of the workouts. 


Trisha P. 


The videos they post about workouts, fitness and nutrition are really useful because I can finally workout myself even at home. I get to learn a lot about having a healthy lifestyle as well and apply it to my everyday life. It was good and I hope to see more of your helpful videos soon! 


Janet F. 


My friend and I used to go to the same gym a few months ago but she decided to leave and switch to this place. I, on the other hand, chose to stay because I don’t know much about Everyday Paleo that time. My friend actually insisted I should join her as well but still, I chose to stay in the same gym. But after a few months, I saw her progress was better than mine and I won’t deny that it made me feel shocked and envious. I asked her about it but only told me that I should try joining Everyday Paleo with her. Since that time, I knew how she really improved better than me, I gave it a go and thank goodness I did. Now, I know why she really left for this place. It was really better joining this membership than staying at the gym we used to go to. 

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