If I want to join the membership of Everyday Paleo, how and where should I apply for it? 


Thank you for thinking about joining us. You may just message us anytime and ask for the forms you’ll have to fill out to become a member. But if you want, you can visit us personally in our gym to talk and meet the staff that will be in-charge of your fitness. They will also discuss with you all possible inclusion of your membership. If you have any questions, you can include it in your message as well.  


Hi, I’m new to Everyday Paleo and I just learned about the video instructions about nutrition and even workouts. I’d like to check it out but I don’t know where. Can you please advice me on where to find it? 


Hello, thank you for visiting our website. If you’d like to find the instructions and videos we post, please go to the ‘videos’ section where we put all the tutorials. The posts and videos may vary depending on the topic so please pick what you’d like to learn the most about. However, if you’d like to see those workout videos, we suggest you start with the very first archive file and choose the right phase for yourself. This is to ensure that you’ve got everything covered especially if you want to exercise your whole body. 


Is it necessary to create an account on this website or not? 


No, it isn’t necessary to create an account. You can view everything on this website even without having an account with us, except the modules. The latter can only be accessed by the members.  


Do you plan on creating a forum for the users? 


Yes, we are planning to create a forum for everyone since we’d like to know about the users’ thoughts. It’s also good if everyone can ask anything and share their own opinions so please look forward to it. 

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