Everyday Paleo was constructed and built by a group of friends who used to be personal trainers for workouts. Years passed and they all agreed on creating their own gym, not just a business but something that will really help other people reach their goals in fitness. One of them suggested that they include starting a website not only to advertise their business, but to have a platform for those who want to stay fit but do not have the time to go to the gym. They also wanted to document the routines they come up with for different muscle workouts for individuals’ reference, so they started writing workout modules and manuals. These now became one of the selling points of their business that make their customers keep coming back for more. 


The modules became a great thing, especially for beginners. It really was a great help because people started learning through it. The owners were all satisfied with the other people’s feedback so it only made them want to give more. A year after releasing these modules, they came up again with another idea that will surely be useful for many. The digital age popularized video tutorials. Having been introduced to the concept, the owners took advantage of this media evolution and created a more modern way to encourage people to workout at home. To say that they succeeded in their goals was an understatement. These self-tutorials are among the reason why Everyday Paleo was catapulted to the top. Their ways of giving instructions and information, teaching others and encouraging them to reach their goal made them glad that they were able to create a website that makes an impact. Their primary goal is to let others achieve their fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle.  


Everyday Paleo wishes a healthy lifestyle for everyone. 

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